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Yoga Nidra & Meditation

For balance, Elizabeth has been practising Satyananda Yoga since the age of 15. See or in Australia

Her yogic name, given to her by Paramahamsa Niranjananda is Lalitaroopa, which she is told translates as “Lotus Goddess.”

Elizabeth pracitces yoga and meditation every day for general well being, good health and happiness.

Elizabeth has recorded a CD with Swami Yoga Bhakti, a relaxation practice called Yoga Nidra which is a technique devised by Swami Satyananda in the 1960s to combat the hussel and bussel of today’s busy society.

It is a 20 minute practice where you lie down (or sit comfortably) and listen to the cd and allow the body and mind to relax completely. It is a state of mind between wakefulness and dreaming. 

Elizabeth introduces sound and toning into the guided relaxation which gives the listener a rich creative experience.  There are 2 Yoga Nidras on the cd (although it is only necessary to do one per session).

On the first Yoga Nidra, Elizabeth sings the colours of the rainbow (which correspond to the chakras – or  subtle energy centres in the body) and in the second, more advanced Yoga Nidra,  Elizabeth chants the mantras which correspond to the chakras.

Yoga Nidra CD cover

To Purchase the Yoga Nidra CD

Contact Liz directly: requesting a CD (in French or English) and she will send one to you (postage varies depending on country):

CDs retail at: 12AUD, 10euro,  $15 US plus postage.

The CD is also available (in English and French) through the following outlets:

  • Anthyllide - 28, rue du Pont Louis Phillipe, 75004, PARIS
  • Bayside - 30-36 Bay St, Double Bay, SYDNEY
    ph +61 (0)2 9327 8002