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As well as Elizabeth’s musical projects, she and her husband Albert are also collaborating and working as a team on several TV documentaries.

Albert Lecoant is a professional documentary maker, TV journalist and director, and has been working in French TV for over 15 years.  He graduated from France’s top journalism school (Centre de Formation des Jouralists, CFJ, Paris) and won the TF1 Best Picture Award.  For more information visit

Albert today wants to work more closely with his wife as they embark on interesting human projects together.
The first of their projects together was following a musical, "Star Academy on Shoestring”. The documentary which follows Elizabeth from day one to opening night, came about when she decided to take her first directing job in the suburbs of Paris and to do a professional show with first time Music Theatre students (most of whom had never heard of Music Theatre).

The second project in the documentary series is on “Sound and Music: From Hollywood to Hospitals”, follows the progress and unfolding of music and sound in todays society, and how they are used intentionally and extremely effectively in hospitals, with War Veterans, cancer patients, growing food, with animals, with autistic children, in Hollywood films, in Indigenous life, in day spas, in Palliative care, the list goes on…

The third project which takes place in New York is “Bel Canto: The Lost Art of Singing Opera: a portrait on the life of Marcello Garofolo NYC”.  This intimate and exclusive documentary honors the work of Operatic coach and holder of this lost art form – shows the OLD style singing. Marcello lives in New York. His father was Benjamin Gigli’s teacher in Italy, and many secrets are revealed and explained.

Other projects include

“Barking Mad in Paris”; which comes from a phone conversation Elizabeth had with her  mother about "Inspector Rex", a popular Austrian television series in Australia (amongst other counties). Elizabeth came up with the idea of combining hers and her husbands (and half of Australia’s) love of dogs with the Parisian culture.  "Barking Mad in Paris" is at the moment a 5 minute, but possibly extended to 26 min series that follows the crazy presenter Elizabeth around the life and culture of Paris dogs. With Albert behind the camera – and Elizabeth patting all the dogs – "Barking Mad in Paris" is very light and fluffy.

Elizabeth and Albert have an ongoing project: "Life in the Cabaret" which will follow the intimate life of a Broadway show in New York and  discover where all the joy comes from. Filming began New York and Paris in 2007

For more information, or if you would like to be a part of any of the above projects: contact Elizabeth or Albert directly at: